Genetech is engaged in developing r-DNA drugs and vaccines for human and animals.
Manufacture of prepared feed for Pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish etc. Currently it is engaged in preparation of feed supplements.
Govt of India, Ministry of MSME UAN: UP15A0007779.

Our Product - Dog Immunplus 5ml

Dog Immunplus - 5 ml

Oral liquid feed supplement for immunoboost in dogs of all ages.

Use : Feed once a month to dogs. It keeps dogs healthy providing proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids essentially needed. Stimulates immune system enhancing nonspecific immunity by ds-DNA which induces interferon production giving immunity against viral diseases common in dogs-parvo, distemper, hepatitis, kennel cough.

Composition: Each 5 ml contains: Hydrolysed yeast extract 25mg, hydrolysed tryptone 50mg, NaCl 50mg, ds-DNA 10µg, microbial protein 100µg, glycerol 0.25ml, water QS.

How to use: Turn the cap left and open, remove the nozzle from the vial, and the pour the content 5 ml in the mouth/tongue. It will be absorbed in the mouth.

Mfg by: Genetech, 197, Mudiya Ahmadnagar, Pilibhit Road, Bareilly-243122, UP Contact: M: 9219661948